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Jennifer Garner Makes Cornbread With Her Mom on FaceTime in Hilarious Video: ‘Tastes Like Home’

“I call my mom every time I make cornbread—even though I’ve written the recipe in every notebook,” says Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is back with the wholesome content the world so desperately needs right now.

The actress, 48, shared a new installment of her “Pretend Cooking Show” on Monday where she made her family’s cornbread with a special (virtual) guest — her mother, Patricia Garner. “I call my mom every time I make cornbread—even though I’ve written the recipe in every notebook, even though I am sure I could toss it together in my sleep. Maybe watching this will show you why, perhaps, I just like to call my mom,” Jen explained in the video’s caption.

The clip starts with Jen calling her mom and attempting to work through some technical difficulties. Once they are squared away, and the computer is safely balanced on a cat tree, she gets to cooking. (You can follow along in your home kitchen with the full recipe on Jen’s Instagram here.)

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Jen quickly realizes that she’s not fully prepared to make the cornbread — she doesn’t have the right size skillet (but ops for a Dutch oven instead), she doesn’t have enough vegetable oil, and she doesn’t have any buttermilk. She, of course, asks her mother for advice and in turn, receives some witty responses.

Instead of using vegetable oil, Jen asks her mother if she can use olive oil. “I’ve never used olive oil,” she says. “Oklahoma farmers are not Italian.” Since olive oil is a no-no, Jen combines the little vegetable oil she has with butter to evenly coat the bottom of the Dutch oven.


Moving on to the batter, the Peppermint star asks her mom if she has any preference in cornmeal. “I use both white and yellow,” Patricia says. “But do you care if it’s stone ground or…” Jen counters. “No Jennifer, I do not,” her mom says.

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Jen continues to ask her mother little measuring questions and receives sarcastic answers — especially for the buttermilk.

“Mom, I don’t have buttermilk. I gotta make my buttermilk,” she says before asking how to make it. “Would you use vinegar or would you use lemon? Do you have to wait for it to curdle?” Her mom responds, “You know, I don’t know Jennifer. I’m rarely without buttermilk.”

Though there are a few mishaps while cooking — like accidentally spilling half the batter on the computer — the cornbread eventually makes it to the oven to bake. “How long do you let it cook,” Garner asks her mom. “Honey, until it’s brown,” she responds. “Smart-aleck, mom,” Jen whispers.

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While the cornbread bakes Jen dances for her mom. “No wonder it’s called a ‘Pretend Cooking Show’,” her mother jokes.

Once the cornbread is ready, she enjoys it the way her mom likes it — with just butter. “I wish you were here to eat it with me,” she says. “I do too, but it’s fun talking to you,” her mom replies.

Jen has previously cited her mom as one of the largest influences on her organic baby food company, Once Upon a Farm. In fact, in January, the brand created their first pouch made with produce from the farm in Locust Grove, Okla. where Patricia grew up. Her uncle and aunt Robert and Janet English live there now, growing the organic squash on the previously dormant farm.

“Of anything I’ve ever done, this means the most to my mom — that her farm is being brought back to life, and it’s growing things for babies,” Jen told PEOPLE at the time. “It’s just the coolest.”